Get In Free To Disneyland On Your Birthday In 2009

What more could you possibly ask for on your birthday than a trip to the happiest place on Earth?  How about getting in for free?  Well Disney is actually giving us all what we want next year (as opposed to The Little Mermaid 5), and giving us one free admission for our special day.

According to Robert Niles at, “As part of its 2009 ‘Celebration’ promotion campaign (replacing the ‘Year of Million Dreams’ that lasted two years), Disney announced today that it will offer free admission to visitors on their birthdays next year.”

Here are the details, from the press release:

“To receive free admission to one of the Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks on your birthday in 2009, guests must bring valid ID including proof of birth date. Guests who already hold a valid multi-day ticket they will use on their birthday may choose from other birthday treats instead, however, no cash refunds or credits will be given. To register your birthday and find out more details, visit”

This is a smart move for Disney with the uncertain future of the economy right now and people trying to save any extra income.  Giving people a free pass will keep people flooding into the parks all year, regardless of money or even weather.  And best of all, they’ll be bringing the paying customers with them.  Of course, even the birthday boys and girls have to buy food, drinks and souvenirs.  Way to go Disney for figuring out a way to stay afloat that makes everyone happy.


~ by cooljudges on October 2, 2008.

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